About RationalAstro

RationalAstro aspires towards demystifying the subject of Astrology. It believes that all people should be benefited from Astrology. RationalAstro advocates a rational, practical, modern, non-religious and non-commercial approach in Astrology. In other words, RationalAstro signifies a Paradigm Shift in the field of Astrology.

Astrology empowers, removes insecurities in mind and promotes free will over fatalism. The subject is much deeper than delving into materialistic predictions. It is a powerful spiritual vehicle to help and guide us through our material existence on Earth. Astrology is not about predictions. It is about making the future possible through appropriate karma / remedies.

Astrology, today, is known more by extortion in the name of gemstones, pujas and remedies. The intellectuals shy away from discussing Astrology. They reject it without even studying it. That's why, it remains with charlatans and quacks who exploit human insecurities.


RationalAstro exist in two forms. The Website has articles and the YouTube Channel which is repository of vedic chants. The primary contributor of articles and mantras is Anish Prasad. Anish is an Engineer from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-BHU) Varanasi. He did his postgraduate in management and obtained Diploma in Cyber Laws. Anish has a keen interest in academics. He has undertaken several specialized courses in the field of cyber space. Anish is a Chevening Cyber Security Fellow. He did his fellowship under the aegis of the Defence Academy of United Kingdom, Shrivenham, UK. Moreover, since two decades, he has a keen interest in applied psychology. Currently, he is well-settled in a prestigious profession related to public service.

Of all things, exploring Astrology has been a deep passion for Anish since one a half decades. He has done extensive studies in almost all branches of Astrology. In 2012, All India Federation of Astrologersโ€™ Society conferred him with JYOTISH RATNA.

Anish passionately contributes to RationalAstro as a volunteer. He believes that the society has a major contribution in his life. Thus, he considers his free contributions to RationalAstro as a way of giving back to society.

RationalAstro aims to create awareness so that no one gets exploited in the field of Astrology. It considers Astrology as a tool for spiritual upliftment for better material existence.

RationalAstro is a Free service with no hidden costs whatsoever. Articles on this Website & mantras at the YouTube Channel are free to download and share.

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