What is RationalAstro?

RationalAstro signifies a Paradigm Shift in the field of Astrology. RationalAstro school of thought believes that Astrology is a divine subject that empowers us, removes insecurities in mind and promotes free will over fatalism. Astrology is a powerful spiritual vehicle to help and guide us through our material existence on Earth. Astrology is much more than predictions. It is about making the future possible through appropriate karma / remedies.

Astrology needs serious research. Unfortunately, it is being misused in making people fearful and insecure. We hear a lot about extortion in the name of gemstones, pujas and remedies. Since the intellectuals keep shying away from discussing Astrology, the subject remains in the hands of charlatans and quacks who are exploiting human insecurities.

RationalAstro seeks to reverse this trend and restore Astrology to its original glory as one of the six Vedangas. RationalAstro aims to create awareness so that no one gets exploited in the field of Astrology.

Why should I Subscribe?

Your free subscription helps in spreading the correct perspective about Astrology and protects people from getting exploited in this field.

There are many myths being paddled in the field of Astrology. People spend a huge amount of money in pujas, gemstones etc as relief measures for problems they might not even have. Of late, we have become ‘Victims’ at the hands of Astrologers. Every family, especially in India, is affected by the myths in Astrology.

RationalAstro delves in Astrology with a rational and logical approach. It is against superstitions and blind beliefs. By subscribing and sharing, you would help and protect your near and dear ones by sharing logical thoughts on Astrology.

I am an atheist. I don’t believe in Religion. What’s there for me?

RationalAstro is not associated with any religion or faith. It’s philosophy appeals to any logical and rational mind. It resonates more with atheists and minds having scientific temper and spirit of curiosity and learning.

You might not believe in God or Religion, but still you cannot ignore SOUND. Every religion in the World has worked on Sound and prescribed chants. The Azaan from a Mosque, the Mass in the Church and Aarti in the temples all have wonderful vibrations that re-align our neuron pathways at the subtle level. Being an atheist you are in a sweet spot. You can follow the chants of any religion and benefit from it.

If I don’t have horoscope, how do I benefit?

As stated above, this website has articles and podcasts demystifying Astrology and demolishing various myths. The articles have universal applicability irrespective of horoscopes.

Apart from this, RationalAstro YouTube Channel is a collection of powerful vedic chants. Every Sunday a new mantra is posted at the Channel. Each mantra on this channel will touch energies associated with planets, upagrahas, special points, sahamas etc. Irrespective of your Horoscope, you can benefit by listening to any mantra on the Channel.

Is RationalAstro Free?

RationalAstro is a Free service with no hidden costs whatsoever. Articles on this Website & mantras at the YouTube Channel are free to download and share.

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