Good morning sir


Astrology is a way to clean past life and promote present life .

I personally feel with the help of predictions, correct path of present and past life also .

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Good morning sir. After due reading and following the articles I'm in option, the astrology is a very much important path for improvement of personal and family life too. Lastly the initiative of monthly newsletter will help us very much for ours daily life cariculams. Namaste sir. Om tat sat.

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Congratulations Sir ! I sincerely believe astrology is a wonderful tool for greater personal understanding and the greater promotion of personal and inter-relationship harmony. Your initiative to come up with monthly astro -jagriti newsletter will a boom for people like me. I personally feel that this newsletter is written with compassion and hard-work. I congratulate you once again for this endeavour. Please add me in your mailing list so that I will get notifications as new edition.

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