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Qualities of a Good Astrologer

Qualities of a Good Astrologer

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Qualities of a good astrologer are well defined in Astrology. A good astrologer is one who has the required astrology qualifications. Our Horoscope is a sacred document. It is a gateway into our life. It can reveal everything about us to someone who has required astrologer skills. We should stay away from anyone who does not have the prescribed astrology qualities.

What Qualifications do you need to be an astrologist? 🌾

In important life matters viz. marriage prediction, career prediction etc., we want the best astrologer. Some people go for the most popular astrologer. Whether he or she is a genuine astrologer is not their concern. They justify this by saying, “Since I need a good astrologer, I am ready to pay hefty amount for it as well. Money becomes secondary if I am getting the most accurate astrologer.” But, what if the so-called best astrologer didn’t have good astrologer qualities ?

Many of the practitioners don't know how to become a successful astrologer. There is a mad rush to become the most popular astrologer. As per fundamentals of Vedic Astrology, one who is a good astrologer will never fall in this mad race. Hindu Astrology is not a business or a commercial enterprise. It is a divine spiritual subject which has well laid down guiding principles.

One of the foremost qualities of a good vedic astrologer is that she or he should be a 'student for life'. There can never be a complete or accomplished "astrologer" in this World. Astrology is a body of knowledge spanning over five thousand years. It is not possible to have that knowledge in one life. Humble acceptance of this fact is one of the qualities of a good astrologer.

Thus, qualities of a professional astrologer are like that of a good student. A famous Sanskrit sloka says-

Kaak Chesta, Bako Dhyanam, Shwan Nidra, Tathaiv Cha

Alpahari, Grahtyagi, Vidyarthi panch lakshanam

काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, श्वान निद्रा तथैव च |

अल्पाहारी, गृहत्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं ||


A student should have these five qualities –

1. Efforts like a Crow,

2. Concentration and Focus like a Swan,

3. Sleep patterns like a Dog,

4. Light-eater as per need and

5. Detachment from Home Issues.

Qualities of a good astrologer as per the Sages:

The great Sages of the Indian Vedic Culture gave clear parameters for an astrologer. In the Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, the very first Chapter talks about this. The Great Maharshi Parashara while interacting with his disciple Maitreya states-

शान्ताय गुरूभक्ताय सर्वदा सत्यवादिने |

आस्तिकाय प्रदातव्यं ततः श्रेयो ह्यवाप्सयति ||

न देयं परशिष्याय नास्तिकाय शठाय वा |

दत्ते प्रतिदिनं दुःखं जायते नात्र संशयः ||

Shantayay Gurubhaktaya Sarvada Satyavadiney |

Astikayay pradaatvyayam tatah shreyo Hyavapasyati ||

Na Deyam Parshishyaya Nastikaya Shathaya Va|

Datte Pratidinam Dukham Jayate Naatra Sanshayah ||

(Ver. 7 & 8, Chap.-1, Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, Vol.1)

Meaning -

Maharshi Parashara prescribes characteristics of a student of Astrology which should be that-

I. The student should be peaceful within.

II. The student should honour the teachers and elders

III. The student should always strive to speak the truth.

IV. The student should be God-fearing.

Parasara also prohibits teaching of Astrology to unwilling students, crafty and cunning persons.

Based on the above four, we can make certain conclusions. Any practitioner of Astrology cannot be peaceful from within if she/he is money minded. An astrologer earning commissions by prescribing gemstones is not true to the subject. It is unethical, if the astrologer paddles fear in us so that we can pay money for pujas. Asking people to donate to temples and taking kick backs out of such donation is immoral.

Test before You Trust:🌾

Please do not pay or share birth details with any astrologer before doing homework. Do assess the astrologer on the above mentioned qualities of a good astrologer. Also be clear about what are good questions to ask an astrologer.

Astrology is a spiritual and divine subject. It is a powerful guiding and decision-making tool devised by the Great Sages for the humanity. It helps us to manoeuvre the planetary energies influencing us so that we can suffer better in life.

So which astrologer is best? 🌾

The answer is relative. There can never be a ‘best astrologer’. But, the above mentioned qualities are a must in any genuine astrologer. The sages have spelled out good astrologer definition as already mentioned above.

The student or practitioners of Astrology should function within a robust ethical framework. They should respect good astrology questions and address them. In this age of Consumer rights, we all should be aware of the qualities of a good astrologer. The quacks and charlatans posing as astrologers should not take us for a ride.

The Maha Ganesh Mantra Prayer:🌾

Discussions on a horoscope is a divine spiritual activity. For any spiritual activity, invoking Ganesha is divine and auspicious. The Maha Ganesh Mantra Prayer removes mental obstacles and negative energies around us. Invoking Ganesha before reading horoscopes is a divine practice. If you are comfortable in Hindi, the article on how to chant or listen to Mantras will be helpful.

Let's keep the above mentioned qualities of a good astrologer in the back of our mind. Further, we should invoke Ganesha by listening to the Maha Ganesh Mantra Prayer. Only after these two safeguards, we should approach an astrologer for readings.

🙏 Om Tat Sat 🙏

Anish Prasad

The image has logo of RationalAstro with its name. A phrase is mentioned "Astrology is much more than predicting future. It is about making the future possible." Articles contributed by: Anish Prasad

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