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The Podcast narrates the article that is published on this Substack. It is sometimes easier to listen then to read the article 😊

Is Astrology and Spirituality the same? Or Is Astrology a part of Spirituality? Listen now (12 min) | Let’s see Astrology as Spirituality and discuss the Astrology and Spirituality connection
Twins differ from each other, WHY?An Astrological Analysis on what makes twins different
Holashtak 2022 / होलाष्टक २०२२The eight days of Introspection and penance before Holi / होली से पहले आत्मनिरीक्षण और तपस्या के आठ दिन
Complete Horoscope Analysis requires "The TRIPOD Concept". Was visit to your Astrologer worth the time & effort?Please be AWARE before visiting Astrologers. The Tripod Concept is the most fundamental concept that every Astrologer should know.
Rising Omicron Cases: This is what Astrology has to sayAn astro-analysis of the current Omicron wave based on the current planetary energies affecting the population