What can I expect from Astro-Jagriti?

All articles here contain practical insights from Vedas, Astrology & Spirituality. We can use simple prescriptions from the vedic texts to enhance the quality of our material existence. I have also tried to address several myths associated with these divine subjects through these articles. This will not only prevent exploitation in the hands of ignorant but also offer an opportunity to tread on a blissful spiritual path.

I don’t believe in God or Religion. What’s there for me?

Vedas, Astrology and Spirituality - none of them is associated with any religion or faith. Their philosophy appeals to any logical and rational mind irrespective of religion or race. Everyone has the divine right to exist BETTER irrespective of belief systems. The spiritual philosophy of Vedas will resonate with anyone having scientific temper and spirit of curiosity and learning.

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But most importantly……..

Association of intellectuals like you will strengthen RationalAstro. It will help in spreading positive and rational view propagated by Vedas, Spirituality and Astrology to make our lives better.

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