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Rising Omicron Cases: This is what Astrology has to say

Rising Omicron Cases: This is what Astrology has to say

An astro-analysis of the current Omicron wave based on the current planetary energies affecting the population

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This image shows planets along with OMICRON virus. This image is part of the article on rising omicron cases written by Anish Prasad for RationalAstro

Rising Omicron Cases have given us serious worries. Not only in India but across the World, people are anxious. Is it going to be as scary as the second wave? Let’s examine this from an Astrological perspective.

This image shows a person with open hands looking at the bright Sun. It signifies happiness and well-being. Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya ऊँ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन: सर्वे सन्तु निरामया: This image is part of the article on rising omicron cases written by Anish Prasad for RationalAstro
May everyone be happy and blissful, free from all diseases.

The recent Omicron wave or as many are saying ‘third wave’ has created a scare among the World’s population. As we remember the terrible memories of the second wave, let's try and figure out what’s in store for us this time.

The Second Wave:

The second wave was painful and traumatic. It seemed unending. On 11-April-2021, we had discussed the end of second wave in the article – Covid-19 revisited. We were expecting that the second wave would likely peak out by 13th May 2021 and it did so around that time.

COVID-19 Revisited
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Can the Omicron variant of COVID-19 be serious in India?

About the Omicron wave, I would urge the readers to re-read the article– When Will Coronavirus end?. This article was published on 29-April-2020 while lock-down was underway in India. In this article, I have compared astrological combinations for major pandemics that the World faced since 165 AD. I tried to examine what planetary combinations existed when these pandemics occurred. Then I studied the planetary combinations in which the World was able to dominate the pandemic. Based on the findings, I made a prognosis on the end of Coronavirus or COVID-19 by astrological deduction.

When will Coronavirus end? - An Astrological Analysis
The spread of Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. When will Coronavirus end? Let's analyse from an astrological perspective…
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As discussed in this article, the Rahu-Ketu Axis remained a prime focus in all the past pandemics including the COVID-19. From that sense, the upcoming shift of the Rahu-Ketu Axis on 12-April-2022 is a very significant development which the World should watch out for.

This image is a horoscope casted for the Rahu-Ketu Axis shift on 12-April-2022. This is part of the article on rising omicron cases written by Anish Prasad for RationalAstro

Astrologically, the times are not as critical as compared to that during the second wave. But human actions are of utmost importance.

Several Astrologers are claiming severe trouble at the time of this axis shift. But, I hold a different opinion. Sun – the giver of immunity has a strong argala on Taurus which is the lagna rashi of India. Moreover, as per transit or gochara calculations, the Sun is in a very good tara and murti. As Rahu moves away from Taurus, the immunity of the population is getting stronger.

Astrologically, the times are not as critical as compared to that during the second wave. But human actions are of utmost importance. If we are reckless and casual and don’t follow protocols, we are in for a major trouble. What will the benign planetary energies do if we ourselves are reckless about our lives. So YES, with the planetary energies supporting us, it is WE who will be responsible for our well-being.

Will 2022 be the end of COVID or Omicron Cases?

To answer this question, I am quoting an extract from the article – When will Coronavirus end?

Going by the Antonine, Justinian and Spanish Flu incidents, we may also take caution that the virus probably would never get extinct. However, it would probably be like the regular flu viruses that continue to affect us seasonally but is no more a threat to humanity.

Two years since this article was published, I am still standing by the prognosis. The virus is taking different forms. It will continue to do so but what is important is that the HUMANITY is WINNING. During this wave with rising Omicron Cases, please rest assured that the planetary energies are favoring the human efforts to contain the virus.

Post April-12, 2022, within a few days, the immunity of the population starts to show upticks.

The World has already changed due to the pandemic. And this change is irreversible. The COVID appropriate behavior are here to stay for all times to come. The virus keeps on bothering us through new variants. Even then, based on the planetary positions, I am hoping that the current wave of Omicron Cases doesn’t last long. The infection cases could increase but I don’t see the same trend in the number of fatalities. The shift of Rahu-Ketu axis is a major event in Astrology. To that extent, it is possible that the cases could show increase in the short term after April-12, 2022. However, within a few days, as the immunity of the population starts to show upticks, the situation is expected to get better and better. I sincerely hope that we start returning to our pre-covid good old days post this axis shift.

The most important thing is to follow all Government guidelines and protocols. We should continue to wear masks and practice social distancing. We can save ourselves and family only through covid appropriate behaviour.


Despite the rising Omicron cases, the planetary energies are favoring the population. The human efforts in containing the rising Omicron cases will continue to remain effective. I don’t see a major cause to fear. There could be high infection rate but there aren’t many maraka combinations. Thus, it appears that the population would be able to fight this Omicron wave successfully without much fatalities.

The current sudden surge is likely to peak out in a few weeks. For a more permanent change for good, the key date I am looking forward for is 12-April-2022 when the Rahu-Ketu Axis shifts away from Taurus. We should start our return journey to the good old days post this axis shift. However, the World has permanently changed its ways of communication and that will stay for ever.

Despite the planetary energies favoring us, if we are casual and reckless in our Karma, the planets would not save us. It’s a blessing that during the current times, the planets want us to be happy and free from diseases. So, please strictly follow the COVID protocols and government guidelines issued from time to time. This is the only way we can keep all of us safe.

This image shows a smiley in water with the text "The Mantra Bliss". This is part of the article on rising omicron cases written by Anish Prasad for RationalAstro

Spiritual strength is a potent factor that affects our body's immune systems. I know no other way than MANTRAS that work at a subtle level in re-aligning the neuron pathways inside us.

On 12-April-2022, the SUN will be in the kshema tara (well-being) and Swarna murti. This is a very good sign of a strong sun transit. It will be auspicious to spend the next SEVEN minutes and gain some spiritual strength. Let’s listen in to the powerful Aditya Hridaya Stotra for SUN- the ultimate giver of immunity.

🙏 Om Tat Sat 🙏

Anish Prasad

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